We stand behind your products, helping you advance, track and improve them.

At Medoz, we see ourselves as the link between our industry partners and the patients we’re caring for. We’ll do whatever we can to further your goals and streamline communications between all parties.

Through our comprehensive patient communication systems, we collect valuable data about the performance, adherence and side-effects of your products, which we can then feed back to you.

Services we offer:


We work with you, your members and their prescribers to make the treatment process as smooth as possible.

Cost Cuts

By customizing drugs for your members’ specific needs, the efficacy of treatment is increased and costs decreased.

Admin Assistance

Our team of account representatives will cover all prior authorizations with you and will expedite the authorization process by working directly with providers.

Up-to-date Options

With our vast network of industry connections, we offer your members access to the most advanced treatments available in the country.

Medication Monitoring

Regular consultations with patients help us identify and address side-effects and adjust treatment, improving efficiency and quality of outcomes.

Through our large network of relationships in all aspects of specialty pharmacy,

We can partner strategically with your business or organization to get the results you need.