About Us


Advanced quality of care, enhanced quality of life

Run by a team of devoted healthcare professionals, Medoz Pharmacy provides unparalleled expertise, education and support to every patient. We are here to restore your health and overall wellbeing. We take the stress out of specialty therapies, shouldering the burden for you so you can enjoy life without healthcare worries.

We attend to all aspects of your care:


Custom care, leading to better outcomes and improved quality of life

Personalized treatment plans

With access to a wide range of medications and treatments, plus ability to customize medications to your unique needs (known as compounding), we work with you and your doctor to map out a treatment path tailor-made for you.

Comprehensive consultation

Starting with an initial consultation, we ensure you have a full understanding of your condition, treatment and possible side effects.

Steady support

With Medoz, you have 24/7 access to a pharmacist, as well as our patient support team. Our team will call you regularly to check in and remind you about prescriptions due for refilling.

Attention when you need it.


Our team of experts, at your service

Abe Mermelstein

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Bleznick, RPh CSP

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Sardone, PharmD

Vice President Operations & Clinical Services

Claire Murphy

Vice President Sales & Business Development

Robert Fellman, JD

General Counsel

Masum Amin PharmD, CSP

Director of Referral Management

Nancy Thorne, RN, MBA

Manager of Patient Care Coordination

Michele Murphy, RPh

Production Manager

Robert Bucco, RPh

Manager of Clinical Operations


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