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There are more than 25,000 organ transplants performed in the United States each year.  If you are one of the individuals undergoing this transplant surgery in Davenport, you will have to comply with complex, ongoing medications and treatment requirements  in order to maintain good health.  That’s where Medoz Pharmacy of Polk can help patients in the Davenport area. Our unique expertise in supporting patients with transplant medications in Davenport has been recognized by leading transplant facilities across the country. 

Our pharmacist-directed transplant staff members in Davenport will become a valuable part of your overall healthcare team.  We will collaborate with your doctors, monitor your response to transplant medications and help you manage troublesome side effects and avoid drug interactions.  In addition to this role, Avella’s highly trained staff members can work with your insurance company to secure any authorizations needed to help ensure that your drugs are covered by your benefit plan.  We can assist you with Medicare primary and secondary billing, if needed and connect you with financial help from manufacturers and non-profit organizations, if available.


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Davenport Transplant Medications