Medication Therapy Management


Good patient health is not something that is achieved by accident. Medoz Pharmacy's  pharmacists in collaborationwith other healthcare professionals work directly with patients or their caregivers to provide patients with personalized care. This comprehensive approach to improving patient health is referred to as Medication Therapy Management (MTM). With MTM, pharmacists ensure that patients are getting the most benefit from the use of their medications and that patients are engaged in their own care. Ultimately, MTM promotes the safe and effective use of medications while saving patients money.

How is MTM put into practice?

A thorough review of all patients' medicines (prescription medications, non-prescription drugs available without a doctor's prescription, and dietary supplements such as herbal products, vitamins and minerals, and natural products). A Medication Therapy Review is conducted by the pharmacist to identify and address possible side effects, check for possible allergies, adverse reactions, drug interactions, and opportunities for patients to get the most benefit from medicine therapy.

A Medication Action Plan: The pharmacist gets the patient started on becoming an active participant in his or her own care. The patient receives a Medication Action Plan, which is their personalized easy-to-use guide, allowing them to identify important medication and health concerns, what they need to do to address the concerns and how they can track their actions and their progress.

A Personal Medication Record: The pharmacist gets the patient started with keeping a Personal Medication Record that they can carry with them at all times and the patient can be up-to-date, so that all health care providers know what medications they are taking and why.

What does MTM do for patients?

Provides a clear understanding of their medicines. The pharmacist provides a thorough explanation about what each of the patient's medicines is used for, how to take them and how to use and store them properly.

What resources do MTM participants receive?

MTM participants get a copy of their personalized comprehensive medication review (CMR) and medication record developed by a MTM pharmacist, to help them talk with their health care professionals. The materials document the activities, managing member medications. They also help manage appointments, medications and laboratory results.

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